Why Savannah?

People often come to Savannah, GA to visit different attractions throughout the city and try to fit all the museums in a few hours. This is not how I recommend to Take Savannah. The best plan is to get someone who can assist you with what you want to see, eat, and do. I am that person! I am a current SCAD Graduate student and I work in the museum field. I constantly have people come into the museums not knowing there are tour times, museum hours or even that most of our best restaurants need reservations. Ever since I moved to Savannah I have noticed that people are never given enough information to get the best experience and are missing out on money and events because of poor information, and I want to help!

I am offering free services to get more experience with helping visitors of our city with anything they may need to get the best experiences. I am hoping to better myself and the reputation of the tourist industry by assisting in the knowledge of prominent places to visit in Savannah!


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