Darien, Georgia

Around Savannah there are multiple hidden gem cities and towns that are often not explored or even talked about, Darien is one of these towns. While doing a project I had about Georgia Historical Markers I took a trip to the marker I picked, The Burning of Darien. This marker signifies the burning of the town by United States troops of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteers under the command of General Robert Gould Shaw and the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers under the command of Colonel James Montgomery carried out the looting and raid of Darien. General Shaw instructed cannons to be fired at the shoreline hitting homes on the river. They docked and ran the streets to loot and vandalize the homes and take what they wanted. Colonel Montgomery led his men to burn the city stating, “I will burn this town and we will scourge Darien and set an example to the rest of the South.”

The town still holds the scars left from this burning of the city. They have a small museum dedicated to the Burning of Darien and the marker stand right outside the City Hall. The Tabby Ruins are marked as the building that still stand from the burning that are to be left as a memory of the history of the Civil War.

I highly recommend visiting this town to gain more knowledge and history of the surrounding areas of Savannah. I had a lovely experience from the locals and even went to Pelican Pizza Company for live music and a cold beer!

Also check out an article on Georgia Historical Society website to learn more about The Burning of Darien, https://georgiahistory.com/education-outreach/historical-markers/hidden-histories/the-burning-of-darien/.


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