Armstrong Kessler Mansion

If you have ever gone down to Forsyth Park you have probably passed by the Armstrong Kessler Mansion. The word mansion is used due to the vast grandeur of the building and it is currently a private residence. The mansion was built in 1919 for George Ferguson Armstrong, in an Italian Renaissance Revival style by architect Henrik Wallin.

The building has been utilized as many different things over the past hundred years. A few years after Armstrong died his wife donated the building to the City of Savannah to be converted into the Armstrong Memorial College in 1935. In 1938 Wallin built his last project which was the Herschel V. Jenkins Auditorium for the college, unfortunately it was torn down later by Jim Williams. Williams bought the property and produced a beautiful garden where the auditorium once stood.

From 1970 to 2017 the building was the law firm of Bouhan, Williams, and Levy until Richard C. Kessler purchased it for his own private residence. Although the home is not open for tours if you are planning a spectacular event you can contact them for a tour.


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